Introducing multiple web applications and mobile devices into the workplace, has meant many employees have had to remember several different usernames and passwords for various logins. This often results in password fatigue, and more frustratingly for IT departments, it means a lot of time is being wasted resetting forgotten passwords.


SecureAuth simplifies and strengthens security through a SecureAuth Identity Provider (IdP).

Unlike other vendors, SecureAuth IdP combines a cost-effective Single Sign On (SSO) and Multi Factor Authentication solution into a single package to securely access on premise cloud applications and mobile devices.

The benefits to users and administrators are clear:

  • Login credentials being forgotten less often through SSO, reducing help desk workload.
  • Lowering infrastructure costs through SecureAuth IdP. Leverage existing infrastructure such as Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Eliminating password fatigue as users no longer have to remember multiple passwords.
  • Helping organisations become their own Identity Provider. An Identity Provider can apply same policies, profile and procedures to mobile devices, cloud applications, and networks.

SecureAuth IdP includes:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Extensive IDM functionality
  • Security Token Services


Multi-factor Authentication

SecureAuth’s Versatile Authentication Service (VAS) automates the management of user logins resulting in reduced costs and strengthened security by single, two or three factor authentication – depending on your regulatory requirements.

Types of authentication methods include:

  • x.509 Certificates
  • SMS/ telephone/ email OTP
  • Static Pins
  • Tokens

SecureAuth removes user frustration, reduces IT workload and eliminates phishing threats due to the user and server authentication being given after access is approved. 

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