What Toy Story Taught Us About Corporate Data Protection

It is a lesson found in a Hollywood script; in 2008, one erroneous command button was executed, deleting 90% of the Pixar film Toy Story 2, costing the company millions.   

Oren Jacob, former Chief Technical Officer of Pixar, took the responsibility for the error that erased two months and hundreds of man-hours worth of work in one foul swoop.  After the embarrassing incident, Jacob concluded that the loss of data could have easily been avoided through two measures: firstly, Pixar needed better security software in place.  And secondly, employees needed to be properly trained on it to identify and avoid potential risks.


With the issue of cyber security growing exponentially, IT Managers perform dual roles; evading threat, and educating the staff on how to reduce risk of attack.  A survey of IT Managers identified three major concerns in their role:

  • The inability to verify online identities with confidence and precision;
  • Due to the nature of the issue, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution;
  • Securing mobile access from an identity and access standpoint is a primary concern.

It is seldom acknowledged that all employees play a vital role in protecting a company’s sensitive data.  To manage the risk of cyber-attacks, IT Managers must educate employees on different ways information can be acquired through very low-tech methods (e.g. Facebook) and how to identify phishing attacks. 

Companies must implement safe practises, for example a ‘One person, one computer rule’.  Pixar admitted that their open Unix environment contributed to the loss of the movie, because employees were welcome to walk around and log on to each other’s computers.  There is ground-breaking technology available to mitigate these risks which large companies like Pixar are especially susceptible to. 

EB2BCOM’s SecureAuth software security program provides safe SSO (single-sign on) and multi-factor authentication across: SaaS, Web, VPN, Cloud and mobile devices, meaning that users can access company applications in the most impregnable manner.

Having updated security policies is crucial to corporate data.  This includes banning employee’s personal devices within the workspace and making filtering software mandatory.  Software as a service (Saas) models such as EB2BCOM’s SecureAuth, enable IT Managers to configure employee identities to sufficiently safeguard corporate data for the long-term.

Gain access into virtually any application with SecureAuth, which boasts a Security Token Service (STS) that accepts authenticated identities and converts them into appropriate artefacts that correspond to unlimited applications.  EB2BCOM is offering a 30-day free trial allowing companies to experience the full benefit of safely accessing mobile, cloud, web, and network resources without tedious login procedures or causing high-friction workflows. 

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