Ping Ushers in a New Era of Identity for Sun IAM Customers

Oracle's purchase of Sun Microsystems in 2010 was really the beginning of the end for Sun's Identity and Access Management suite. 2014 is the last year that Sun OpenSSO, Sun Identity Manager, and Sun Directory Server EE will be supported by Oracle. Although time has nearly run out for customers still using these products, Ping Identity can help organizations make the transition to a new era of identity management.

Ping Identity's Federated Access Management solution is a natural migration path for Sun's OpenSSO and Identity Manager products. Ping Identity's Next Gen Identity platform has been named a leader in IAM by Gartner, IDC, and Forrester. Ping's platform will meet today's needs and tomorrow's with the industry's best support for IAM standards including SAML, OpenID Connect, and OAuth 2.

Sun's Directory Server can be migrated to any number of different solutions including Australia's own ViewDS Identity Solutions Directory. Ping's Federated Access Management solution will work seamlessly to authenticate users with their corporate credentials.

Here is what customers that moved to Ping IAM are saying:

  • "Improved efficiency and reduced support costs for our internal enterprise application users." - Medium Enterprise Transportation Services Company
  • "Trouble free SSO to our Service Providers." - Large Enterprise Aerospace and Defense Company
  • "We are delivering new and differentiating experiences for our customers using this solution." - Global 500 Retail Company
  • "Dramatic simplification of our infrastructure and time to market acceleration for our web resources." - Large Enterprise Aerospace and Defense Company
  • "Secure, scalable, standards compliant secure connectivity to our cloud applications." - Large Enterprise Retail Company
  • "Introduction of Identity Federation using Ping in our company has had a tremendous end-user impact on our productivity and perception." - Global 500 Food Company

Ping's Next Gen Identity platform provides:

  • Federated architecture- Connect any user to any application from any device using any identity authority. Companies no longer have a single system of record for identity. Federation is necessary to connect disparate identity stores.
  • Web, mobile and API security - Deploy an off-the-shelf solution to secure application content and APIs for partners and developers. Companies can now create a path from their legacy web access management solutions to their next-generation mobile and API needs.
  • Unified management - Reduce the complexity and risk associated with managing public and private cloud environments. Employ a unified approach to security infrastructure and service administration.
  • Cloud centric - As enterprises increasingly move to the cloud, the need for private and public cloud interoperability is a business requirement. Ping Identity is a recognized leader in IDaaS, regardless of the deployment mode.
  • Self service - Offer a user-driven on-boarding experience for customers and partners, eliminating the need to engage administrators. IT organizations benefit from a self-service model as they add new applications and integrate with legacy and cloud environments.
  • Built on standards - Ping materially invests in the advancement of identity standards via participation in the standards bodies. This work provides industry-wide benefits and enables the creation of useful features, delivering broad interoperability in advance of the competition.

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