Dome9 – The Future of Cloud Security Finally Hits Australia

MELBOURNE, Australia. – February 17, 2016 – EB2BCOM, an Australian cloud security specialist, has partnered with Dome9 to deliver SecOps – a groundbreaking network security solution designed specifically to support public and hybrid cloud infrastructure. The partnership will enable EB2BCOM to provide the APAC region with the ability to maintain security and compliance during the surging uptake of cloud applications and services.

In welcoming the Dome9 and EB2BCOM partnership, Bob Darabant, EVP Global Sales for Dome9 stated “Dome9 recognises EB2BCOM’s capability and understanding of both security and cloud platforms. EB2BCOM has a long and successful track record in helping leading edge technology vendors enter the ANZ and Asia Pacific markets, and both companies are aligned in seeing the enormous potential for a game-changing solution like Dome9 SecOps in these markets.”

At a fraction of the cost of competing approaches, Dome9 enables organisations to centralise cloud server security management with automated controls to ensure the infrastructure is not left vulnerable. A company born out of, and designed for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Dome9 has increased specialised security support to manage and secure cloud servers across almost all cloud platforms. As the second largest adopter of AWS after the US, Australian companies are moving workloads to cloud platforms faster than most other parts of the world to take advantage of the financial benefits of the cloud, yet until now cloud security operations have not be simple or secure enough to keep up with the workload.

The partnership between EB2BCOM and Dome9 will ensure organisations that have recently, or are actively moving production workloads to the cloud feel supported by local partners. Dome9’s product and service offering has been very successful in the US and Europe, and their experience in growing those markets will benefit the APAC region.

“Australian and Asia Pacific businesses, including existing EB2BCOM clients, will get the benefit of Dome9’s leading edge technology, with the security of local support and product expertise,” comments Adam Neale, Chief Operating Officer for EB2BCOM. “EB2BCOM’s trusted position in local markets will allow Dome9 to be quickly recognised as the technology leader in cloud security management that they have become overseas.”


EB2BCOM is one of the Asia Pacific region’s leading security consulting, implementation and support provider, bringing local companies cutting edge software solutions from around the world. Specialising in Cloud security, Identity and Access Management deployments, EB2BCOM provides solutions for the Government, Defence, eHealth and Corporate sectors. As industry thought leaders, EB2BCOM’s experience and expertise allows them to assess clients’ needs and determine the best solutions to deliver appropriate security. Products are sourced from international suppliers and undergo a strict assessment before being supplied by EB2BCOM, ensuring clients receive only the best and most reliable products.

About Dome9 Security: Dome9 Security protects cloud infrastructure. Leveraging cloud-native technologies, Dome9 visualises security risks, enforces security policies, and remediates threats to ensure continuous secure application delivery in the cloud. Dome9 self-managed cloud service is trusted by hundreds of enterprise customers to protect clouds over Amazon Web Services (AWS), Windows Azure, IBM’s Softlayer and many others.

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