2014: the Year of Corporate Data Accountability

Companies are increasingly falling victim to cyber-attacks which are more frequent and devastating than ever before.

Organisations are finally recognising data are their most important asset, and there has been a significant shift in the search for IT solutions to combat this growing security threat.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) is the premier global advisor on corporate data security, advising IT companies on the best technology purchases and strategies to safeguard their businesses from cyber-attacks.

The IDC estimates that almost $10 trillion revenue is being generated by eCommerce annually, a figure which will grow exponentially every year; businesses need to take accountability for their data to avoid huge losses.

By 2016, public IT cloud service spending will increase to $100 billion, and there is solid reason for this.  With 51% of CEOs reporting that they experience cyber-attacks hourly or daily, companies have been forced to invest in security measures to protect their data. 

EB2BCOM, Australia’s leading online security provider advises that data needs to be safeguarded across all fronts of an enterprise, suggesting that mobile and cloud-based applications are imperative to protect a company’s network due to the boom in mobile trends.

According to a report released by the IDC, less than a decade ago, corporate data security was taken less seriously.  Companies viewed cyber-attacks as calculated and rare; now they are considered random and frequent – and it is an in-house as well as an external issue. 

These changes in the field of corporate data security can be marked in the following shift in the manner in which technology is now used.  Employees are now using mobile devices to perform Web-based tasks that were once performed on PC's, with 68% of employees brining their own devices in to the office, threatening the security of company data. 

Organisations need the ability to share resources over the internet; this open-ended access means that information is no longer secure.  EB2BCOM offers a range of programs including Deep-Secure and CommPower that provide a virtual ‘security blanket’ for data. 

Today’s organisations are inherently porous – leaking information unknowingly, and a change in perspective on corporate data accountability is needed to avoid attacks on security that could run in to the millions.  The IDC reported that 51.3% of their interviewees stated their intention of increasing their Enterprise Mobility spending between 2012 and 2016, a positive but not strong enough commitment to counteracting this growing issue.

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